another one of our glorious #SAUERBRATENISACRIME series:


quote: <Fearless> You want a full dox on you I’ll get one 😉

(ESP)FearLess(2): lol i am quacker :P
coolgirl(0): fearless? quacker?
coolgirl(0): u have 2 names?
(ESP)FearLess(2): lol FearLess is my main name but i have been using quacker 
coolgirl(0): what is yor real name?
(ESP)FearLess(1): christian

Sentinal (0): it's merely a demonstration of what will happen to him if he keeps his shit ways up he is one of the most ignorant fuck wads i have ever meet and a very abusive member of the sauer community

Fearless: Then file a fucking complaint get me gbanned :joy::joy::joy: who cares if I wanted I'd be a asshole at attack the master server

<Fearless> you people are very homosexual as you tend to talk about dicks and people ejaculating on others

<Fearless> my real dad is dead XD <Fearless> car accident <Fearless> lol

(ESP)FearLess(1): we are doing good that someone made me watch magic mike XD